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"To be happy—one must find one's bliss.”  -Gloria Vanderbilt
Launching a book, product, or business happens when a person brings their romanticized slice of joy into the world.
It's our job to help you celebrate illuminating the world with your bliss

Family-owned, small-town based, Three Seven Catering has worked with us since their start in 2020. Spending 3 years hiring us for food photography and social media stints, they took their time deciding how to move forward with their brand as a whole while building up a portfolio of their services through our partnership. 

When it came time for the soft-launch of their phenomenal food truck, their hometown pride shined by setting the date for the night of the local high school's first home game, the Arkadelphia Badgers. 

As parents themselves, they kept the celebratory Friday night opening simple with gourmet waffles; elaborating on the menu the next night with a full dinner. 

With this local fun treat in mind, we focused on advertising to the main local outlets as well as designing elaborate signage that would lend photo-worthy moments to those wanting to post about their autumn weekend with Three Seven Catering. Everything stayed on brand from their truck to their shirts to ensure a memorable experience was had.

Football Season Soft-Launch

The result was selling out every night of their soft-launch weekend in mere hours as well as garnering interest that led to an overflow of private party catering requests. 

Hoping to launch his books to a younger clientele, Christy Award winning author Ace Collins partnered with us to showcase his first children's book. Having gained the nickname "Doc Christmas" from his multiple best-selling informational Christmas books produced by Zondervan, it was only fitting to use a story he wrote for his wife's classroom back in the 80's as a holiday treat for her students. 

As he'd never pursued social media marketing before and the publisher didn't have a marketing department, it was up to us to not only sell the book but create a base to show his skill and knowledge of the history of Christmas. The goal was to focus on a foundation in year one in order to pursue advancement in the following years. 

Grady, The Christmas Bear
This resulted in over 200 books sold in its first 2 months out, local recognition not previously given by the town he lives in, and over 250 followers gained in those same 2 months for his informational Christmas TikTok account. 

Crafting the launch party for Angie Karagozian's company, (a)esthetics by Angie, the focus was on comfortably filling up her boutique-style esthetician salon on a cold December night. For this local launch, flyers were requested as it is a standard form of communication in the town. 

Catering by another local company with champagne toasts, giveaways, and an atmosphere of genuine catchups over networking; this was a jovial experience all around. Photographs were taken to mark the experience and highlight the launch with many familiar, local faces. 

An Intimate Opening

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