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At Abigail Fowler Designs, 

Helping your company means helping your ideas shine and develop.

Scroll to see how we can make your thoughts become your business ethics and values. 

Photo Credit: Alfijah Rahman, Abigail Fowler Designs Freelancer

Our amazing clients-


When I started on this freelance-to-firm journey in 2020, my goal was to hone in with what I am best at, then source phenomenal team members that match the caliber in the areas I fall short. Although research papers and introspective articles are a specialty of mine, it was apparent in my first few months freelancing that I needed to leave client writing to greater copywriters than myself.


With the ebbs and flows of building a firm, it’s an honor to announce that as of 2023 we have a fabulous duo of writers to match your brand’s voice. Whether you’d like us to watch certain movies, have a phone call with you, or review previous marketing materials; our team is ready to immerse themselves in your outlook and goals to help you shine in your unique light.

Copywriting is more than just snappy emails and SEO keywords. To some, an Instagram caption maybe the first impression they have of your company; a newsletter lying on their friend’s kitchen counter might be their introduction into your core values. Don’t leave a potential client’s impression of you based upon chance.


Click the portraits below to meet our dynamic duo, or scroll a bit further to schedule a consultation with me to collaborate ways we can help your brand thrive in its unique voice. We’re so happy that you’re here and are thrilled to amplify your words more.



Abigail Fowler, Owner

Lauren Johnson
Social Media Specialist, Email Marketer
Rance Collins
Website Writer, Blog  and Newsletter Specialist

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