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QG Web Design

During my 2 years at QG, my team and I developed an e-commerce site for retail, a sympathy site for funeral home partnerships, and 15+ e-commerce sites geared towards each of the funeral homes and their clients. 

Below are two snippets of the final designs. One of QG Floral's retail site and another of our funeral home partnership with the prestigious Campbell's Funeral Home.

This site, geared towards e-commerce with introductions into the other departments, took about a month to layout. QG has excelled in slowly building each section of their company, so the goal was to show all of their amazing work in a seamless fashion. The final design turned each department into a separate category and a separate landing page, so that each department would resemble a stand-alone site with mere mentions of the other departments in the top menu. 

QG Sympathy is Frank E. Campbell's preferred florist, so the link to send flowers on their website goes directly to us. In order to make that process easier for the funeral homes QG worked with, I designed a basic template for a sympathy retail site and the developers duplicated the site for each funeral home we partnered with; changing up the logo and style based on what the company wanted. Working one-on-one with each funeral home allowed me to hand select designs with them to best match their clientele.

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