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Excited to announce our first semester of interning opportunities at Abigail Fowler Designs, LLC.

We look forward to mentoring college students in what a small start up with NYC vibes feels like, all from the comfort of Arkadelphia, AR. 


This internship is unique in that it's open for all college students, not just upperclassmen. We're looking for ambitious, creative thinkers, who are willing to learn what it takes to be at a NYC level.

End of semester presentations will include a panel of professionals from organizations such as Tuner Classic Movies, 800 Democrat, Tor Books (of MacMillan Publishing), Frontside Marketing, @WeAreStylus, Redfin Seattle, Crowe Law Firm, and more. 

Please note that this internship is unpaid unless the company decides to use the work completed by the end of the semester. Each student will be charged solely for finished work that's used, similar to an advertising agency pitching a bid to a client.

Click the titles below to check out the opportunities below

and submit a cover letter and resume digitally. 

Apply Here

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